Step Three: Warping the Loom

This is video three in the series on how to weave a handbag on a rigid heddle loom and here I’m showing you how to warp the loom.  I explain how I’m doing it in the video, and there are written directions below.

Set up your loom so that the heddle of the loom is 60 inches from the warping peg.  Using the barrier method or the weight method, secure the loom and the warping peg in place so that they don’t move while you are working.  (You’ll see in the video that I didn’t put enough weight on the loom and it crept toward the warping peg as I worked – don’t make my mistake!)

Put your yarn on the floor if you are using a cone.  If you are using a ball of yarn, you might want to put it in a bowl or basket to keep it from rolling all over.  Set it near the loom, and bring the end of the yarn up to the loom and tie it on the front dowel rod that is tied with cord to the front large dowel of the loom.  Then take a loop of the yarn, and using the heddle tool that came with your loom, hook the yarn and pull it through a slat on the heddle.  Put the loop of the yarn over the warping peg in the distance.  Come back to the front bar and grab a loop on the other side of the front dowel (upper or lower, depending on the current location of the yarn) and take that loop through a slat on the heddle and also put it over the warping peg in the distance.

Now measure the distance between the front dowel of the loom and the warping peg, that should be 60 inches (five feet) and maybe a little extra if you are concerned about running out of warp.  If this is your first time warping a rigid heddle loom, give yourself a few extra inches.

Continue pulling a loop of yarn through each of the slots on the heddle between the blue tape marked parts.  This means you should have two yarns through each slot, and no yarn through the much smaller holes on the heddle – I will show you how to do that in a later video.

As always, please feel free to pop over to the Facebook group and join, then ask your questions and post your photos of your project.  I look forward to seeing what colors you choose and how your project progresses along with mine.  And of course comments welcome here and on Youtube as well.

Happy weaving!



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