The First Video of the Woven Handbag Series!

(Yay!  I can finally share this with you!)

I’m starting a series of videos and blog posts about a handbag I’m weaving and I look forward to showing you every detail so that at the end we both end up with a great handbag.  Now why don’t I just call it a purse like everyone else?  I asked a friend of mine why she never used the term “purse”and she said “Honey, if it’s $20 it’s a purse.  If it’s a work of art and you had to give up lunch for a week to buy it, then you call it a HANDBAG!”  So, clearly we’re making a handbag!  lol!  (Without giving up lunch!)  That’s the beauty of making something yourself.  You get something beautiful out of the deal, you don’t have to spend a fortune, and you don’t have to wear somebody else’s name on your body – which is just weird if you ask me.  I am who *I* am, I don’t need a brand to make me something I’m not!  So why don’t I quit preaching to the choir and let you watch that video so you can jump into this project with me?!

Here’s your shopping list for this part of this project:

First, pick your most interesting yarn in your favorite colors: 1 skein Cascade Yarns Heritage Paints, pick your favorite color combo 

Then pick the 2 yarn colors that will be used for the warp:

1 cone Harrisville Designs Highland 1/2 pound cone color #1

1 cone Harrisville Designs Highland 1/2 pound cone color #2

Then pick the 2 colors that will be used for weft, and it’s good to choose colors that are close but not exact matches to the warp yarns for interest.

2 skeins KnitPicks Palette Yarn, 2 skeins color #1

2 skeins KnitPicks Palette Yarn, 2 skeins color #2

I’m also using silk crepe fabric cut into thin ribbons in my weaving for interest and texture.  This part is entirely optional and it will still be lovely without this yarn.

Now of course you don’t have to use any of these yarns, and these are not affiliate links.  I’m just offering them for those who will appreciate having the information handy.  You should have 1 cone of each warp color, and 2 skeins of each weft color, plus the interest yarn (the handpaint) or something equivalent, and then you are ready for the next video.  OK?

As soon as you’ve seen the video, pop by my facebook group “DecoVicari with Carmen“, it’s a private Facebook group where we can share photos of our projects and answer questions and have a great time with this project.  Drop over there and join in, and then go pick out your yarn.  Post a photo of your yarn and let us know what colors you have chosen!  I can’t wait to see them!  This is going to be SO MUCH FUN!

Can’t wait to see what people make from this pattern!




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  1. Love your website and I will follow along eventually since I am mid project at the moment. Good luck with your endeavor. I’m looking forward to your next update. By the way, What loom are you using for your ‘handbag”?

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    1. decovicari says:

      I’m using the Kromski 32 inch with some modifications by my Austrian for stability. Thanks for dropping by!


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