Choosing the Best Yarn for Weaving.

This is the first in my new video series on how to weave a handbag.  We start out with choosing the right yarn for weaving.  Some yarn is better for warp, and some yarn is better suited for being used as the weft of a project.  It is important to choose well to avoid disappointing results, and wasting your lovely yarn and time.  This video will show various examples of yarns and walk you through the various tests so that you can decide how best to use your favorite yarns.

Join in my Facebook group and show me your own projects and ask your questions.  As we get further into the video series, you’ll be able to share your progress and see what other folks are doing.  Drop by and join today!

Happy Weaving,

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  1. Do I need to make sure and use all cotton, or all wool, or all acrylic for my projects? If I mix them will the different shrinkages distort my fabric?


    1. decovicari says:

      Yes, you can create interesting patterns by combining fibers that will create interesting effects in your work because they shrink in different ways. If you are just starting out, then pick a fiber and use just that for a whole project, then wash it and see what you think of it. Then try something else for your next project. Each project is an education it itself. Don’t combine fibers unless a) you don’t intend to wash the piece b) you wouldn’t mind it it shrunk up into some interesting pattern or c) are using the various fibers intentionally to achieve the fun shrinking pattern. If you don’t mind “happy accidents” then just combine and wash and enjoy the originality of yarn being yarn – that’s the Jackson Pollock style I suppose. His theory of painting was to just let paint be paint and I think that attitude also works with yarn. It’s a mindset. There are no wrong approaches, but if you don’t want to embrace the unknown then don’t even venture on that path. Lol!


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