Sneak Peek

Something delicious is happening on my loom and I can’t wait to show you every last glorious detail.

First of all, I dyed a beautiful piece of silk crepe into ice blue and fuchsia a few years ago, and never made anything from it. This week I turned it into a Kimono which I will enjoy wearing very much. This beautiful fabric inspired the colors for a weaving project.

And how about that Yarn!  The warp yarn is Harrisville Designs Highland yarn in Iris and Magenta, 100% wool. Furthermore, the weft is Palette yarn from Nit Picks (also 100% wool) and this yummy handpaint sock yarn is from Cascade and is a 75% wool/25% nylon blend.

Finally, after making the kimono there were a few scraps of that yummy silk crepe left and I cut them into ribbons. I plan to weave those in to enhance the texture of the weaving.

Stay Tuned, there are videos and complete detailed instructions coming soon.  But for now… would you look at those colors!  They are so ME!


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