Like Jazz for Yarn

I’m finishing up a pair of scarves that I have woven on the loom at the same time.  Weaving two things at the same time is excellent if you’re making a vest or other garment where the two front sides need to match, so it’s an excellent exercise and I’m glad I did it.  Two projects on the loom at the same time also delays the gratification of taking woven cloth off the loom, and for that reason I wasn’t as crazy about it.Clasped Weft Scarf

How simple and satisfying it is to do clasped weft weaving.

It really is “Like Jazz for Yarn.”

Stay Tuned,

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  1. Carmen, you are awesome!!! You have brought so much beauty to our church! Just last night I was amazed by the yarn up front. I actually returned to take pictures, but it had been whisked away.

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    1. decovicari says:

      Thank you Ginny, that’s very sweet of you.


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