I love to Weave!

As soon as the weather starts turning colder, I want to have my hands in the yarn!
 I started dying yarn in lots of wonderful colors.
 And then I began to explore weaving on a pin loom which was essentially a cardboard box, a bunch of pins, and some careful maneuvering.
 After a number of projects on the box, I started eyeing a loom and a friend loaned me one.
 By spring I was completely hooked.  There were so many wonderful ways to make glorious colorful cloth!
This new project gave birth to one of our many inside jokes.  My Austrian mentioned a space where I might like to go and do some “looming” so I got up and put on what I hoped was an ominous face, and went and stood right over him.  When he finally got a little uncomfortable with me standing there and looked up at me, he said: “What are you doing?” and my answer was “Looming.”  We both laughed and laughed!  From then on we both prefer the word “looming” to “weaving” and will make a silly ominous face when we say it.
I enjoyed the borrowed loom so much that we were soon putting together our own loom and stand so that the fun could continue, I currently weave with a 32 inch Kromski loom with some modifications from my Austrian husband to make it more sturdy.
 I weave with the whole range of colorful yarns, exploring the possible color and texture combinations. I discovered weaving in the Japanese Saori style, which is an improvisational style of weaving, much like jazz.  I also discovered Sakiori weaving, which means weaving with recycled fabric and was the Japanese way of using up clothing that had been worn out to make a new garment.  These concepts quickly became a part of me.

I learned all about yarn sizes (baffling to be honest) such as fingering weight, DK, and worsted.  I still have to refer to a handy chart I made for myself because I don’t remember these not-at-all-intuitive-terms.  I learned all about heddles, warp and weft.  I did some dying experiments and dyed yarn and fabric, then cut the fabric to use as the weft in the dyed yarn.  That was fun.

As usual, in the summer we got busy with other things, and some other projects intruded on the weaving studio a bit.  Thankfully, I’m back at it now and looking forward to sharing my next new projects with you.  I’m working on a few Christmas presents, and when those are finished, I’d really like to weave some things I can wear.  I’ve discovered “slow fashion” which is a way of saying that the item is hand made with care, not mass produced.  I have so many ideas, and I’ve been collecting yarn (rather unlike the minimalist me) and many lovely things will be coming from the studio in the coming days.  I will continue my quest to release beauty, because at some very basic level, this is my calling.

Stay tuned,

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