The Handbag

A sneak peak of the finished Handbag . . .

Step Three: Warping the Loom

This is video three in the series on how to weave a handbag on a rigid heddle loom and here I’m showing you how to warp the loom. I explain how I’m doing it in the video, and there are written directions below.

Sneak Peek

to show you what’s coming soon to a loom near me . . .

Using a Ball and Skein Winder

I just finished up this helpful video to show how to use a ball winder and a skein winder to put your yarn in order.

I love to Weave!

As soon as the weather starts turning colder, I want to have my hands in the yarn!  I started dying yarn in lots of wonderful colors.  And then I began to explore weaving on a pin loom which was essentially a cardboard box, a bunch of pins, and some careful maneuvering.  After a number of…